Latest Social Media Hacks To Boost Your Post In A Day

Social media is a very broad game and a platform in itself.  With every different type of social media handles, their social media hacks j are also different. Now, every day you will see a ton of posts on every media handles out there. But the highest engagement we see is with Instagram and Facebook. These are platforms can’t just stop increasing their user base day by day. Daily only on Instagram, 500 million people access the Instagram app globally. Facebook has till highest number of usage with 2.7 billion followers.

It is very tough to rank your posts on Instagram every day. Mostly it happens that only one or two of your posts get the highest views or likes or comments. Why does it happen? Why can’t your every post gets viral as easy as it can!

There are many reasons behind it. Such as:

1) User Availability

You can’t predict daily that when your target audience on Instagram or Facebook or any other media handle is going to be online. So, Instagram roughly trends your posts according to the time when most users are active and also when you post it and which hashtag you used, which matters a lot.

2) HashTags

#Hashtags play all the games on social media. Your every post is directed by the hashtags you mention your posts in. If that particular hashtag is trending at the time, your post will also trend at the same time.  Mention hashtags with every post you upload, every tweet you make, and every video you post. Hashtags make your content reach millions of people in the shortest span ever.

Right hashtags should be mentioned.

Trending hashtags should be mentioned.

3) Time of uploading post

The most underrated yet the most important hack of boosting your post reach. Not every time is suitable for your posts. For example, if you are uploading reels upon it, then morning 7 AM is considered to be best for posting reels on Instagram. Same as that every kind of post and video has its own time. Remember, every social media handle has its own different times. You can know those timings by posting daily and not very frequently. Know your timing and post according.

4) Prioritize anyone handles at one time

Every media handle has its own base of the target audience. It is nearly impossible to keep your reach high for every handle.  That’s why we need to only concentrate on most higher engagements social channels. For example:

1) Facebook

A study shows and tells that Facebook has the highest number of young audiences between ages 18-29. Undoubtedly, Facebook is the king of Social media no matter what anybody has to say. Facebook is always going to be a winner if you are targeting a younger audience base. Business should start doing Facebook marketing for the multi-folded growth in their business.

Daily more than 55% of a person’s time, he dedicates to Facebook, scrolling through it continuously.

Now, I don’t have to say that you shall not focus on other platforms such as Twitter or Linkedin.

But, you should spend more time on the social handles that are allowing you to engage most with your audience.

Focus on getting maximum results through your efforts. Focus on prioritizing your efforts.

2) Instagram

Instagram is the next trending social handle after Facebook to make your posts go viral in the world. Daily, 500 million-plus people are running Instagram consuming their 30-40% time in a day. With Facebook, Instagram is the most searched and used platform. Instagram is also where you should be active with your posts. Instagram hashtags are the widest and popular game of making your post viral.

5) Share other people’s content too

There is no way that you will have every time your own content ready. Even if you have your content ready always, share other people’s views too. That shows that you are a thought leader and are open to other people’s thoughts and ideas.

Sharing other people’s content shows that you value their content.

It will attract you same types of viewers and creators.

6) Scheduling and Batching your content

Scheduling your content i.e. you will post your content on the same day every day or the same every week and at the same time as well. Fixing your specific day and time for all your posts can boost your frequency of appearing on your social media. The algorithm of that platform will know that at this time a post will come from you, so it will be ready to make it reach your target audience.

Batching is all totally different. Where every day where you spend 6 hours a week on social channels.

Batching your content of the week before will cut down your labor work.

Collect consistent reports of your social handles performances, make strategies that suit best your content.

Remember, there’s too much stuff every day floating on Instagram. If your post hasn’t worked, don’t worry you got unlimited chances.

Get regular, get consistent, and follow the trends.

7) Get the help of a platform like “Buffer”

Buffer is a platform that can help you track your social media engagements in every manner. They continuously work with the best products to deliver the best outputs to their users.

Buffer, will help you a lot in scheduling your content daily and make you an industry expert.

It will help you with the process of sharing content and establish you as a proper tracker of time with your posts.

It will schedule your content easily on the most active hours on that day, that’s why your competitor’s content is getting viral faster than you.

Timing is a very critical factor while being active on social media. Buffer is one of the best platforms which will help you reach your goal.

Final Thoughts

Millions of people daily engage themselves on social media. Some of these are marketers, some are influencers, some are customers.

Be strong with your goal and target you want to chase through social media.

Get yourself a schedule for posting your content and apply all social media hacks to get maximum traffic and engagement in all social accounts.

Every platform offers something different that has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, the key is to only chase the most interactive handles and which works best with your type of content.