How To Make An App Like Tinder

Are you curious to know How to Make App like Tinder? We are sharing here complete information about it that you may read below.

The 2nd most popular among dating sites is Tinder. Tinder is using one of the most romantic ways to generate money. Tinder is not just getting a profit but also helping people to find out their life partners, fall in love, and create families. Tinder lets you search for the people you want to get connected to from your city or any other place and chat with them. You can connect with new people from this app and find them based on your likes and dislikes, places of living, etc.

How to Make an App like Tinder:

Tinder is available in 30 different languages and used by approx 200 countries. 1.6 billion Swipes per day is received by Tinder application, with 20 billion matches. Tinder gets super-profitable, with 4.1 million paying subscribers and an estimated $800 million.

What are the features that must include in-app like Tinder

1. Onboarding- 

Onboarding includes the first steps users make through Tinder. User sees the app Tutorial when they are using the app for the first time. Then the user has to sign up in Tinder. Users can Sign up via Facebook/ Instagram, email, and/or phone number or any other social network they choose to integrate.

2. Profile- 

After onboarding, the user has to set up his profile. The user has to create short profiles about themselves in which they have to enter their interests and expectations. To set up their profile, the user has to edit his profile, and after editing, he has to verify his profile in Tinder.

3. Discover People-

People use a Tinder-like app since they are looking to find relationships or they want to meet other people in the same city or at least state. It’s recommended to integrate geolocation when you are creating a dating app. With access to the user’s phone’s GPS, Tinder will be able to find people who are nearby and list out possible matches by proximity.

4. Matching

Matching is the heart of any dating app. and it is not done randomly. Tinder use matching algorithms to match the profile. Matching algorithms works upon the user’s profile data and preferences. Then artificial intelligence (AI) learn what are users preferences by about their like and dislike. The person receives in their suggestions according to this algorithm.

5. Connections and chats

Once the match is found, then people communicate with each otherThis is the primary mechanism for which we use dating apps, View user’s connections can also visit and view a connected user profile. Also, the user can perform voice and video calling and also upload Media in chats

6. Security-enhancing features

Nowadays, online dating has opened a new way for harassment. Though today, People are scared to used online dating apps or have wrong opinions about that. There are other ways to cause inconveniences also. Profile verification is the main security-related feature is the app. The system AI checks the user’s social media pages to see if they are real people and check if the registered user is not causing any trouble.

7. Push notifications

If a person swipe then Tinder gives you notifications so that that person doesn’t have to wait for so long. It is essential to implement push notification in your app so that that particular person doesn’t go to finding someone else.

8. Settings

The setting is an essential part that must include in every mobile application. In settings, users can view info about the app, terms, and conditions and get help via the contact centre. The user can set up filters and notifications as per his likes. User can Link social media pages to his profile and can also delete the app if he don’t like the application.

How much cost required to make an app like Tinder?

Dating app like Tinder costing will depend on the platforms you want your dating app to be built for iOS or Android, or maybe both. And the number and complexity of features you are willing to implement in this app of yours.

If we’re calculating the average for features listed above, here’s the estimated rough time:

  • Onboarding — up from 96 hours
  • Profile and Discover people — up from 310 hours
  • Match other people and Connections/Chats — up from 220 hours
  • Security features and Push notifications — up from 93 hours
  • Settings — around 63 hours


To make an app like Tinder, other specialists are also needed as well besides developers. To create a Tinder-like app, you need the servers that will hold and support data and provide the connection to it. You will require UX/UI designers to design how your app looks. You also need QA specialist to the list to test the application. And, if you’re planning to hire a dating app company to outsource the work to then, you will have a project manager there to coordinate the process development.

The custom software development of a dating app of the iOS part would take up from 1447 hours.

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