How To Start With Google Adwords Campaign Most Easily

Starting with Google Adwords campaign is the best decision you could ever make for your business to market your products. The first question we need to get clear is

Why should you be using Google Ads?

1) We all know that Google is the most searched web engine that goes through more than 3.5 billion searches in every day.

2) Google answers our queries with the help of a combination of both paid advertisements and organic results.

3) Google Adwords is the most effective way to drive pure qualified traffic to your business.

4) Google Ads is the most mature platform creating seniority in the area of paid advertisements.

5) With Google Ads, you can increase engagements to your business resulting in increasing phone calls, inquiries, in-store visits.

6) Google Ads creates well-timed ads for both mobile and desktop among your target audience.

7) Google Ads will also help you analyze your ads and make them improve according to your business.

8) Google Ads is the most common & hit campaign to reach your target audience and fulfil your campaign goals.

9) Google Ads gives you the option to tailor your ads which will be the best suit for your budget.

How will you get started?

Google is the most popular search engine on the web. Utilize your paid search at its best which will help you gain more traffic & visitors to your websites and turn those visitors into new leads and customers.

Setting up with your Google Adwords campaign is relatively easy and quick because Google itself will drive you and takes you through the following steps you need to follow while creating the Google Ads account.

Once you go through Google Ads it will show you to click “Start now” and thereby itself; Google will guide you along, starting with the series of steps to get your ads up and running.

If you already have created a set of your ads images or videos created, it will take less than 10 minutes to get your setup ads ready.

You will not get immediately start with your Google Ads account. Your ad will go under review after you have submitted it.

Here are the steps you will take once your ad has been submitted to review:

1. Link your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics account

If you don’t know Google Analytics, then it’s a tool that lets you measure traffic on your website, makes you view real-time data such as conversions, goals, and unique metrics. If you already have created your Analytics account, then you can link it to Google Ads.

Linking these accounts will make analyzing, reporting between channels, and run campaigns much easier cause you can watch and use these all events all in one place.

2. Next is Conversion Tracking

Conversion is all about knowing how many customers are taking a specific action while clicking on your ads and what type of action they are using to reach you, that may be through a phone call, or Google Maps by locating your store address or downloading your app. But, how does it works exactly?

You add a ‘conversion tracking tag’ or a ‘code snippet’ to your website’s mobile app code.

So when a consumer clicks and views your ad or video ads, a ‘temporary cookie’ is placed on their computer or mobile device. After that, Google recognizes that cookie through the code snippet you added and, at the same time, records a conversion. But not all conversion requires the ‘code snippet’ to record the conversion. For example, for tracking the details of your calls received, you can use Google forwarding number to track all information on the caller, such as caller area code, call duration, and call start and end time. Consumers downloading apps from the Google Play store will also not require any conversion code to record. Once you complete your setup with consumer tracking, you can see how your conversions work through real-time data, ad groups, and keywords. Regularly viewing and analyzing these data will help you achieve more meaningful goals for your business.

Creating your first Google Adwords Campaign

Learn Google Adwords Campaign
steps of google adwords

The best advantage of making your Google Adwords Campaign is that you can have a vast audience viewing it and the highest conversions than any other platform out there. Keep this in mind, just like traditional marketing, Google also markets your business and creates your ad around a goal you wish to focus on. You can select one goal per campaign. This is the most crucial choice because Google Ads uses it to guide your campaign setting options to help you succeed. For example, If you want to drive the visitors from ads to your website, you should select the” web traffic goal”, and according to it will guide you that can help you generate visitors on your websites. If you’re worried about selecting the perfect goal for your campaign, don’t worry that Ambiguous Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will help you run your Google advertisements. Also, you can change it anytime you want by yourself by reading this complete blog. To get more information about the goal and how it will work for you, just drag your cursor upon the goal. In the next step, you can select from five different campaign types such as:

1. App

2. Video

3. Display

4. Shopping

5. Search

1. The next step is ‘Network Settings’

The network settings very precisely will allow you to choose where you want your ad to showcase based on the campaign type you choose. For example, if you choose Google Search Network, your ad can appear on Google Search Sites and non-Google search sites that partner with Google to show ads called ‘search partners’.

The campaign will target all types of devices such as mobiles, desktops, tablets, and at any point in time, you can choose your ads to customize them on any devices you like particularly. You always need to know about your consumers every time, about how they think, how they target your product to go through. If you don’t know all this, consider your buyer’s behaviour pattern & their persona (character) first.

Target your customers based on geographic locations. Under these setting, there are 3 potential options you should remember:

a) People searching for your targeted locations.

b) People who visit in or regularly in your targeted locations.

c) People who show interest in your targeted audience location.

Google also inspects and understands which language your consumer understands and prioritizes the ads according to the convenience of the language user understands. This may include query language, user settings, and other language settings which are derived by Google learning algorithms. Now, there are two types of approach while selecting your language, namely:

a) Automated approach

b) Manual approach

Here, you can understand and target all the languages depending upon the user which language it understands and feels easy.

And in the manual, you can yourself choose everything you think will work best for your business but make sure that you are selecting the language that only your target audience understands and is comfortable speaking it even.

1. Next step, setting up your budget and bidding

While choosing this option, make sure you manually set your bids on your ads or let Google Ads do it for you automatically.

Here choices to you will depend upon which type of campaign you have selected.

Over 70% of Google Advertisers use ‘Smart Bidding’.

Why Smart Bidding?

It simplifies performance optimization by looking at tons of impressions and expressions to determine which most likely can lead the desired action. Now, these tons of Smart Bidding different strategies can fulfil your different goals for different campaigns.

Here’s a couple of them:

1. Maximize Conversions

2. Maximize conversions value

3. Target ROAS

4. Target CPA

When creating a campaign, you can also set your daily target budget. This will also determine how much you would like to spend each day for this campaign on average.

Your campaign type will determine how fast your approx. Daily budget is used. The more visitors on your websites through your ads, the quicker your budget will consume up. Additional to this, the Google Standard delivery method is useful if you want to reach your customers throughout the day. Especially if you’re on a low budget, it will help you spend most of your budget.

How does the Google Standard Delivery method works?

Google optimizes your spend results to be more reflective of targeted inventory user search. Don’t worry, Google distributes your budget in the best way to your ads scheduled to show with the time.

Google Ads Groups. How does it work?

When you create ads, you don’t create them solo; you create them in ad groups.

An ad group is nothing but a group that contains one or more ads that share similar targets. You set a bid, a price, when the ad group keyword triggers an ad to appear. This is called CPC i.e Cost Per Click bid. A pro tip is always recommended that a Google Ads group always should have three quality ads. That way system can optimize your ads, and you can check your performance data. A study proves that ad groups with three or more quality ads can receive up to 15% more clicks than ad groups with two or less than two ads. But here’s another term to save you more time even, and it is ‘Responsive search ads. Nowadays you don’t have to create different ads for every headline of your product. At one time, you can create multiple headlines and taglines suiting for your business and products, and Google, with the help of Machine Learning, will categorize and optimize it accordingly. Hence, it’s proved, responsive search ads save time and also show the data with utmost relevancy to what they are looking for.

For a successful account organization, be sure to create particular ad groups.

For example, if you run a food restaurant, create different ad groups for different food you offer. A pastry or a cake-loving customer is more likely to click on that pastry or cake ad than on a food ad. Now you have to understand that specificity and details help make your ad more relevant. More relevance will generate more conversions.

1. Now, it’s time we should start creating ad copy

A text ad on Google search is the simplest online ad that Google Ads offers. A text has majorly 3 parts:

a) Headline text

b) Display URL

c) Description Text

Remember, to reach ads to potential consumers; your text ads need to be relevant, informative, and engaging.

Things to remember while making your Text Ads:

While making headline- Your ad headline should be a call to action, should introduce a value, a proposition. The motto is just that your headline should be immediately communicating with the need of the consumer.

Keep swiping your headline & tagline. Use your keyword to strengthen your message and focus on testing your ad copy more in the headline. Use only direct, sharp, and on-point relevant headlines which can quickly grab your customer’s attention. Also, include the official site and do a little bit of brand campaigning.

Then comes your description line, here you can seek to educate and inform your visitors within the shortest time so that they can decide to open your link and visit your website. Provide different types of information about your product and service. Do descriptive writings in a depth manner rather than just fluffing it with unnecessary information. Think from a bigger perspective, how will your ads showcase on the desktop after mobile devices. Your prime target should be only and only “User”. Please focus on the user, create what he likes, including all important information for the user.

2. Consider your URL paths

Customers will always like to know where their click takes them, prove them right! Make sure you tie your URL exactly to what the customer is looking for; every URL path should connect to relevant user queries. It is too important that your ad copy matches your searcher’s intent and should address their solution with a clear point.

Remember, your ad copy needs to clear and concise, which should guide your visitors to the action you want them to complete. The use of words like “you” or “yours” feels familiar to your users.

The majority of what you write needs to address your user’s pain points, and their solutions, all that is matters is how you help prospect your customer query.


That’s all from this article today. Hope you got a clear idea of starting with Google Adwords Campaign all the way if you are a beginner. Don’t panic! Craft an ad so relevant that your user has no other option but to click on it.

If you are busy with other assignments and looking to have your Google Adwords Campaign set up, then Ambiguous Solutions can help you to get you more business with running the Google Ads campaign for you.