12 Best Office Management Software in 2021

If you are looking for free Best Office Management Softwares in 2021 or Office Management Systems, then you are at the right place because we will provide you with a list of all the best Office Management Softwares or Management Systems that can easily manage your Office and we will also provide why they are the best in Office Management Softwares and how they will help you to manage the Office.

There is a large amount of information and data flows through your office every day. The data can come in the form of paper or electronic documents so it can be challenging for organizations to manage all of this information effectively and efficiently. The problem increases with your company growth because the volume of documents increases accordingly.

An office management system is a way to manage your Office. The office management system includes everything from dealing with employee issues to inventory problems and financial statements. The office management system will require some degree of documentation if you don’t want to depend upon paperwork. By implementing an effective document office management system in Office and business, you can provide the best service to your customer, and your team can also perform their task at their peak efficiency.

The Need for Office Management Software OR Office Management System:

Many small- and medium-size businesses don’t rely on paperwork systems to manage their business documents. Instead of that, companies are using integrated Office Management Software to handle the task and the data. The office management system makes an employee get rid of the paperwork and get them to focus more on their job; this will result in improving their efficiency and effectiveness. These office management software solutions are used to capture, store, manage, share, and protect your paper and electronic documents etc. with one system.

Let’s Look some Best Office Management Software in 2021 or Office Management Systems;

Office management software :

Many companies in the market build office management software, so it is challenging for a user which software they need to use in their enterprise. Every office management software has its features, and some parts are different from other office management software. These are some office management software that can be considered for your business according to your needs.

1. PingBoard Office Management:

PingBoard is a software that provides the way to build, manage and share your Org Chart. Your organization chart is kept updated for you as people change their designation and when the new employee joined your organization and when you connect to your IT or HR system etc. You can export and share your organization chart and can have easy access to it from your phone.

2. CCH iFirm:

CCH iFirm is a Practice Management Software for Accounting Firms. CCH iFirm discover a class-leading, integrated suite with all the essential tools you require to run your accounting practice. CCH iFirm brings you an intelligent and efficient practice management system that is designed around jobs, workflow, and resourcing.

3. Jamku:

Jamku is Practice Management Software for CA, CS. It is an Online Office Management software that is used for practising chartered accountant, company secretary, tax consultants, advocates. Anytime and anywhere.

4. Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 is one of the best customer relationship management software. Bitrix24 provides a platform for businesses to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents, and other contacts. It consists of over 30 tools that will help your business grow and help your team in their jobs.

5. BrokerMint:

BrokerMint is a Real Estate back-office software that is an easy-to-use real estate back office platform. Integrate Brokermint with Multilevel software, Customer relationship management, and QuickBooks, smoothly.

6. RicohDocs:

RicohDocs is a Complete Office Automation Platform, and it is a high-performance Document Management software and Office Automation System. RicohDocs offers enterprise document management software to mid-sized and large organizations. Because of RicohDocs, organizations can have control over their documents, and the person can access the form from anywhere and anytime, RicohDocs have a specific focus on business process automation.


ERPCA helps you in taking control over your Operations, ERPCA makes you work together with your Team and Clients. ERPCA helps in eliminating the Stress of Handling Practice, Plan Tasks for the Entire Year and allows you to manage Due Dates Effectively, Cost Monitoring, Prompt Handling of Invoices, etc.

8. EasyCloudBooks:

EasyCloudBooks is a cloud-based practice management software that is better, faster, cheaper, and it can effectively automate all routine and repetitive tasks. So by enabling EasyCloudBooks helps in saving a lot of time and you can easily concentrate on something new and innovative.

9. Google Drive:

Google drive help you to store all your necessary document, files and data immediately in the cloud. The person who wants to look upon the information can easily access that information through the cloud anytime and anywhere. This is one of the free and Best Office Management Software in 2021.

10. Flock:

Flock also offers to-do lists, polling, and email list building in addition to individual and group chat, file sharing, and chat search, etc. Flock is also the cheapest chat solution and also for when you don’t want to chat, but you still want to contact everyone on the channel.

11. LibreOffice:

LibreOffice is developed by OffiDocs; it is a fully-featured Document Management Software which is designed to serve Agencies, Enterprises. LibreOffice and provides end-to-end solutions to the enterprises. It is specially designed for Windows; this online Document Management system offers Collaboration Tools, Document Assembly, Document Indexing, Document Creation, etc. at one place.

12. SmartOffice:

SmartOffice contains employee life cycle/payroll/attendance management; it is a web-based fully-integrated application. SmartOffice is a single application that can optimize the entire employment lifecycle. This application provides complete employee lifecycle management with Onboarding, Attendance, Timesheet, Leave, Payroll, Performance Management, Learning and Training Management, etc.

Keys Benefits of Office Management Software or Office Management System:

  • Office Document Management Saves Money:

If you have done a lot of paperwork, then you must appreciate the amount of money you can save by using office management software. It is helping in the reduction of paperwork that will lower your costs, and it also can scan important documents into a computer. You can also easily recycle them so it will decrease your storage expenses. The costs which are associated with ink purchases and printer repairs are significantly less than the paperwork.

  • Office Management Software provides Storage Space:

Office management software is used to scan your existing business documents and store that information or data on your desktop computers or in the cloud. Office management software helps you to get rid of file cabinets and the stacks of paper that are taking up considerable space. Now documents can be easily created into the digitalized format and processed into the office management software. Organizing a desktop is a lot easier than managing the paper for hours. Areas that were previously designated for storage the documents can now be used for productive purposes.

  • Increase Office Productivity:

Office management software allows you and your team to perform multiple operations with greater efficiency, and you are required to spend less time on unproductive administrative activities. It is easy to assign tasks and projects to employees by using scheduling tools. If you always have access to the calendar, you can see the status of the project. It is less likely to forget the task because the scheduling tools do the job of remembering for you.

A task reminder that pops up periodically on your computer to make you remember the important and urgent tasks.

Sales staff could generate a lot of revenue then before if they can focus on selling instead of managing and organizing files. Thanks to office management software because any document can be easily accessed with just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes, and this helps your team to be more productive and efficient. The documents online have a pending period after deletion so that they can still be accessed, whereas if you shred a paper, then it is gone forever.


Software for office document management is beneficial for any type of small- to a medium-sized business entity, organization or professional service provider including accountants, insurance officers, financial planners, community banks and credit unions, healthcare facilities, auto dealership, small municipal government offices, human resource department, marketing department, etc.

Using software for document management can decrease this cause of security breaches since documents can be transmitted electronically. It is easy for the system to find specific documents. Office management software eliminates the stress of tracking sensitive data because top-quality office management software also provides security by data encryption capabilities. Office management software also protects data with a login id and password so the data can be accessed by only authorized personnel and it also allows the person to access only the required or needed information.

By reading the above article you can see that with digital intervention in the area of software management, it has become easy for the organization to manage these responsibilities and the information without wasting a lot of time over it.