12 Benefits Why Responsive Website Design Is Important For Business

What is a Responsive Website?

It is a website that has been designed to respond or adapt on different devices, regardless of the screen size of the device used to view it, whether they are smartphones having small screens or large desktop LCD monitors, tablets or any small laptops.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design also written as RWD, is a web development approach that creates vigorous changes to the way a website looks to a user depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used by the user to view it. 

Here are some reasons as to why Responsive Website Design is good for your business

1. Leads to Improved User Experience

With a Responsive Web Design, users will find it easier to navigate through the website, and the content will appear clearly to the user which will lead to quality user experience. 

As the scale of the website is adjusted accordingly to the screen size of the device used by the users, they won’t be having any problem accessing information, clicking buttons, or filling out forms. 

Having a quality experience browsing through your website would make users spend more time on your site.

2. An Increase in Mobile Traffic

Having a Responsive Website Design leads to an increase in mobile traffic. According to research, 52% of all global traffic originates from mobile devices; which accounts for more than half of all Internet traffic.

This shows that you can’t forego Responsive Web Design as if your website adapts to the viewport width, it results in an increase in mobile visits and longer time on site by those same visitors.

3. Simpler Website Analytics

Having a responsive website, the website stats are simplified and you would be able to get insight into which devices and browsers are being used by your website users or how long they are spending time on your site. All this information is very clearly conveyed to you with responsive web design.

On the other hand, with two distinct versions of your website- say one for smartphones and others for laptops/desktops; you will need to keep track of two sets of very confusing website analytics. So it is better to opt for a Responsive Web Design. 

4. Faster Website Development

Creating a separate website design for mobile users and one for laptop users and so on, is very hectic and time-consuming, and is also very costly.

On the other hand, adopting responsive web design is a much quicker and cheaper way to develop your website. 

5. Better Website Loading Times

Since now a days there are more users who use smartphones to check any website, using Responsive Web Designs which have strong technology and responsive images, it loads significantly fast, especially on smartphones.

Research also shows that if a website takes more than three seconds in loading, 53% of mobile visitors abandon the site. So, it is always better to be on the safer side and adopt Responsive Web Design.

6. Higher Conversion Rates

As users start spending more time on your site, they would start considering your website as trustworthy and a good content source, which decreases the bounce rate. 

This leads to better user experience and trust, which in turn leads to better conversion rates, like signing up for your newsletter, booking a call, making a purchase or getting leads. 

7. Better Backlinks

Backlinks show search engines that other websites consider your website as a reputed site with a trustworthy source of information and hence play an important role in any SEO strategy. 

Without responsive web design, other websites will be less inclined to link to your site because linking to a website that doesn’t have a good user experience will make their website look bad instead. 

8. Easier Maintenance

Having a Responsive Web Design, you wouldn’t be required to make separate Web designs for smartphone users, laptop users and so on; hence instead of focusing on maintaining so many versions and wasting resources on maintenance, you and your team can focus on important tasks like marketing, product testing, customer service, content development and more.

9. Lower Bounce Rates

The bounce rate is the calculation where the percentage of visitors to your website leave the site after seeing a single page only.

As a responsive website leads to users staying on your site for a longer time, it reduces your bounce rate. Visitors will be more inclined to browse through all the other pages on your site with responsive website design.

10. No Duplicate Content Penalty

Having a Responsive Website Design, you are saved from creating different versions of your website, and hence you are saved from the trouble of essentially creating duplicate content for both the versions of the same website. 

Having two website versions leads to lower search engine ranking of your website; and since both of them having separate SEO strategies which finally leads to a lot of time and money.

11. Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines consider the responsiveness of your website as one of the signals to determine the rank of your website in the SERP (search engine results page).

Responsive Web Design leads to improved search engine rank due to no duplicate content penalty and more social shares due to traffic on your site.

If your website isn’t responsive, the search engines will push it down on the results page whereas it will show up on top of the search page if it is user friendly and responsive.

12. More Social Sharing

When a responsive web design is implemented correctly, it can lead to an increase in social shares by the users, for your content. Responsive content when paired up with social media buttons will make it easier to share page links even on smaller screens. 

This helps increase your credibility and expose your business to new audiences, which then leads to more traffic on your site and more conversion rates. At the same time, social signals also lead to a better website rank indirectly because search engines notice the increased engagement and search demand of your website.


Hence, with all the above points you now know how a Responsive website design allows you to stay ahead in search pages. Responsive Web Design is a great way to boost the productivity of your business and easily attract more audiences.